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The 5 most often questions asked

We have compiled the most commonly asked questions from our customers and social media regarding transformed maritime containers. Here are the answers to these common inquiries.


1. Can I place a maritime container in my yard?

The feasibility of placing a maritime container in your yard is subject to municipal regulations. A helpful tip: consider referring to it as a "building with a metal structure" instead of a "container" for better acceptance. We have a dedicated section on this topic for further guidance.

2. Is the use of transformed containers environmentally friendly?

Used containers are eco-friendly as they are repurposed after their life in maritime transport. Even new containers remain environmentally friendly due to sustainable transformation methods. Materials like metal and wood are recycled or used in a sustainable manner, contributing to a greener approach in construction and design.

3. Standards & Certifications

It is essential to adhere to specific standards when transforming containers. At Conteneurs Experts, we uphold the CWB certification for weld quality and the CSA certification for electricity, ensuring compliance with national standards. This is why we advise selecting companies that hold these certifications.

4. Containers as Construction Site Offices ?

Yes, containers can indeed serve as construction site offices. We have crafted three distinct models tailored to various budgets. They offer advantages over traditional construction site trailers, although there are also considerations to take into account. For more details, feel free to explore our dedicated segment on this topic.

5. Cost of Container Transformation

The cost varies significantly depending on various factors, such as the condition of the container (new or used) and the desired level of finishing. Projects can range from $5,000 for simple modifications to $100,000 for more elaborate spaces.


We hope we have addressed your main questions. If you have any more inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through our social platforms or website.

For more details and tips on transformed maritime containers, check out our YouTube channel Conteneurs Experts and explore our informative videos!