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Our certifications

Conteneurs Experts stands out for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our certifications validate our expertise in container transformation and our adherence to high standards.

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Discover the importance of Welding Certification.

In this video, we explain the significance of CSA CWB 47.1 certification and why it is essential to demand it from your suppliers.

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Learn how we ensure your containers' safety and compliance with Electrical Setups.

We delve deep into our processes, revealing the crucial significance of CSA A277 certification.

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Guaranteed Watertight: Secrets of Modifying Shipping Containers!

Are you converting a shipping container and worried about leaks? Explore our foolproof methods to ensure the perfect waterproofing of every window and opening.

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Conteneurs Experts Inc. has been duly registered and assigned to deliver the CEIU code to a maritime container by the Bureau International des Containers (BIC).  This allows us to assign a new serial number to a container