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EcoBox: For the Management of Your Hazardous Materials

Introducing our EcoBox, a groundbreaking maritime container designed for eco-friendly spill containment of hazardous liquids.


1. What is an ÉcoBox??

The ÉcoBox is a converted container equipped with an integrated retention tank. This tank, approximately 5 inches deep, comes with a protective grid. It allows for the storage of oils, barrels, and other liquids, preventing any accidental spills inside the tank and safeguarding the environment from contamination.

2. Configurations and Accessibility: :

Rolling Doors: To facilitate access and deposit of heavy liquids, rolling doors are typically installed on the side of the container.

Ventilation: Two ventilation hatches are recommended to ensure proper airflow, especially when storing hazardous products.

3. Additional Accessories: :

Storage Shelves: Perfect for storing small containers. Our InstaShelf shelves are also excellent options to consider.

Security: Specialized padlocks for the rolling doors and standard doors of the container.

Magnetic Lights: For easy illumination without complex electrical installation.

4. For Whom ?

The ÉcoBox is ideal for eco-centers, garages, and any business handling oils or liquids that could potentially harm the environment.

Conclusion :

The ÉcoBox from Container Experts is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for the safe management of hazardous liquids. If your business deals with oils or other dangerous materials, the ÉcoBox could be a valuable addition. Explore our catalog for a full range of options available.

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