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Ensuring the watertightness of your modified shipping container

We rigorously test every window at Conteneurs Experts to ensure watertightness.


Significance of waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential for a container, especially after adding windows. At Conteneurs Experts, we conduct rigorous water tests on every installed window to ensure its watertightness.

Opening preparation

We weld a sturdy 2’’x2’’ metal frame around the opening to provide a solid base for the window..

Window installation

The window is securely screwed into the frame on each side for a strong fixation. A silicone sealant is then applied to the exterior of the window, followed by a three-hour drying time to ensure excellent adhesion.

Gutter and water test

A gutter is installed above the window to minimize water flowing onto it. We conduct a 20-minute water test for each opening without any exceptions.

Double Security

After a successful water test and before the final touch-ups, we apply silicone on the interior for an extra layer of protection against leaks.


When considering transforming a container, be sure to select a company that follows strict procedures to validate the waterproofing of windows and other openings. This will save you from future troubles once the container is delivered.

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